Used Books as Textbooks

In this section, we consider the benefits of using used books for your college textbooks.

  • The Emperor's New Clothes: we're all familiar with the Hans-Christian Anderson story, which provides a lesson in life. Everyone is to afraid to admit that the Emperor, is, in fact, starkers.

    Until, of course, a fearless child points out the obvious, and they all sing along.

    It's something similar with used books. A textbook is a collection of information, data, opinions, graphics and other words assembled together in a printed format, presumably produced by an expert in the particular subject.

    By studying this textbook, the aim is that you will progress yourself in your chosen field, with the ultimate aim of completing your college course successfully.

    The fact that the book is New or Used, has absolutely no effect on the collection of information, data, graphics and other opinions contained within the particular textbook - assuming the used textbook is in good condition, and there are no major revisions.

    Therefore, if you are buying a used textbook, you do need to check the individual book notes, to make sure the book is of good quality.

    Thankfully, most used books are rated according to their quality, and you can see this info clearly before you purchase the book.

    Thus, we can conclude if the book is of good quality, and that there's no issue with access codes or revisions, the fact that the the book is used will not impede your progress in your chosen subject. With access codes, you need to check with your professor if these are required. Many times, they will not be.

    You will though, hopefully, have saved some dollars by buying used.

That concludes our notes on purchasing used textbooks.