Offbeat studying techniques #2: Don't sit for more than an hour.

walk to avoid sedentary lifestyle

  • Sitting down is killing us.

    It seems so innocent. Sit and relax on a seat, in a chair, on the sofa.

    We now know: sitting down a lot is bad for your health.

    The solution, thankfully, is not necessarily to spend hours on end at the gym. Depending on your genetics, this may be of little benefit.

    All across society, a lot of us are living sedentary lifestyles.

    The very, very good news is that the following simple tips could have a massive improvement on your health:

    1. Don't sit for more than 50 minutes to an hour.
    2. When you walk, speed it up, just a bit. There's no need to do a Usain Bolt when your getting the groceries. Just a bit.
    3. The stairs is your friend. All the time. The lift is bad, bad, bad!
    4. Stand on the train and the bus.
    5. If possible, study standing up.
    6. Using FitBit or something like that, you can see how much you are doing each day, and "compete" against yourself. There's no need to walk the Sahara.
    7. Take three minutes of exercise a week, flat-out; all-out.. Three minutes a week. Not a day - a week.

    A lot of us have to counteract our sedentary lifestyles - but the gym doesn't work for us. So we have to find other ways of taking exercise. Walking counts. The steets are your gym.

    Now if the gym or your sports is your thing - fantastic! Try and get your genetics analysed to see how to maximise your benefit from this.

    The key thing about the tips above is that the rule is there is no need to sweat, except for the last tip.

    That concludes this article. For this author, the "not sitting down for more than 50 mins to an hour" has had the best benefit, and I would say my work has improved.