Offbeat studying techniques #3: burn aromatherapy oil "rosemary".

use aromatherapy oil rosemary to study better - cheaptextbooks.com

  • Rosemary does the trick.

Okay so this works a treat.

If you're already into aromatherapy, we're probably preaching to the converted.

If your not into aromatherapy, you might find it a little strange. You basically get a little burner, the oil, and a set of 'nightlight' candles. You pour a few drops of the oil - it is really strong - into a small amount of water at the top of the burner.

In a short while, you will start to feel the effects.

But what is going on scientifically?

Okay, so we now know our brain is a set of nerves and chemicals (such as dopamine or serotonin) constantly interacting with each other, resulting in a constant stream of flight or fight "routines".

When you inhale essential oils (via burning), molecules from the oil are carried through your nose by means of "olfactory nerves", to the Captain Kirk part of your brain, the limbic system. This in turn reacts with the nervous system.

By using various aromatherapy oils, you can in fact influence your nervous system - in our case, to improve your studying, and help you ace your course.

There is only one way to find out if this tip works for you: try it, and don't swallow it!

That concludes this article.