Textbook ISBN: what is that?


  • ISBN (or International Standard Book Number):

It's very simply a 13 digit number that identifies a book. So, every book has a unique 13 digit number that identifies it, as you can see from the above graphic.

It's very useful to pinpoint the correct edition of a textbook. Often, if you search by a book title, you might get several editions of a textbook.

For some courses, it may be vital that you have the correct edition. For other courses, it might not be so vital. Please check with your Professor.

The handy thing about ISBNs is you can just plug them into cheaptextbooks.com and get the exact book. No more trawling endlessly along the shelves hurting your back in the college book store.

So for the graphic above, you simply enter the ISBN into cheaptextbooks.com and you get the best price, and that number would be 9258654235484.

Your professor will be able to direct you to an online list of ISBNs so you can easily paste the numbers into the cheaptextbooks.com to see your best price.

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