Offbeat studying techniques #1: listen to Pandora or Spotify


  • Could listening to music streaming services such as Spotify help you ace your exams?

    Have we finally lost the plot?

    Picture yourself late at night, exhausted and ready to hit the hay.

    But your friend knocks on the door for a late night chat, and commences blasting out Public Enemy followed by Anthrax for half an hour at a volume that will make your neighbours run out and buy you an expensive pair of oversized headphones.

    Let's take a slightly geeky look at what's happening.

    The music is creating a sound or vibration which is being transmitted as an Alpha waves to your cranium - and your cranium is coming alive with that fast hip hop or metal.

    A lot of us will have experienced this. Those alpha babies are keeping us up!

    So, could it be possible to create alpha waves (read: music) that help the brain focus and study?

    In a word - yes!

    And wouldn't it be rather awesome if someone had put all these tracks together on the music streaming sites such as Spotify or even YouTube?

    Suggested keywords (within playlist search):

    • Deep Focus
    • Concentration
    • Study music

    After all that deep focus and concentrating, it's time for this author to stick on something fun. Carly Rae - here we come!