Offbeat studying techniques #4: Get Together!

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  • Form a group to study better.

This one works for some people, and doesn't work for others.

Basically, someone has to "take the lead" and set up a Study Group. The emphasis can be a bit of fun; for this, your friends only. With your friends, you may find your Study Group veering wildly off topic, and even descending into farce!

But that's okay though, and part of the plan - to make the whole thing a bit more fun. Studying is, essentially, something you do yourself - that's okay, that's what it is.

You may surprise yourself, and find that it's you that's helping your friends in a way you didn't expect to. This will give your self confidence a nice boost.

When heads come together to cooperate, you could be amazed at the results. There could be an exam tip going around you didn't hear about.

Possibly set a time limit on the Study Group so you don't sit there endlessly.

For a more serious study groups - you could invite students whom you don't know so well. It could be interesting and fun to hear other people's view of the course.

Again, only one way to find out with this tip!

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