Do I need access codes for my used textbooks?

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  • Is there a way around these?

In this section, we take a look at the situation regarding college access codes.

  1. What Are Access Codes: access codes are like passwords, which grant you access to supplemental online content particular to your course. What happened in the past was, you could only get the access code by purchasing a new textbook from the college book store.
  2. Do I really need the access code: The truthful answer is it depends on your course and professor. Check with them and your classmates.

    With the numbers of students dropping every year, colleges are finally realising they must help their students reduce costs. So, many professors are relaxing the access code situation and issuing the code.

    Remember, this online content is akin to extra handouts, so there is many ways your college can help you with this.
  3. Will my used textbook contain the access code: Unless the sellers notes on the used textbook specifically say that it includes an access code, you must assume the used textbook will NOT include the access code.

    Again, the critical thing is to check with the professor what the situation is with regard to the supplemental online content.
  4. Can I purchase the access code separately: This may indeed be possible, but again may cost some cash. Once again - check in with your Prof to ascertain the facts.

That concludes our notes on used textbook access codes.

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