A Little About Us

Starting online in 2005, CheapTextbooks.com is determined to do it's best to fulfill the promise in our domain name by offering cheap textbooks in as convenient a manner as possible. 

That means we are determined to seek out the cheapest textbooks for people visiting our web site.

Over the last few years, renting textbooks has emerged as a great way to get cheap textbooks. Free return postage is provided; it's as simple as dropping a small parcel in the main box.

From now on, you can easily rent textbooks from our site.

Of course, we recognize many people still wish to buy their own textbooks. This option is still available from our web site, and will be into the future.

Basically, from now on, you will be able to rent and/or buy textbooks - whatever you require.

While the design is new, we hope you realise that we have to try and improve the site.

Thank you, as always, for visiting cheaptextbooks.com


Feel free to send us any feedback whatsoever using our support form.