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Patience, they say, is a virtue.

Buying your textbooks through our site could help you save literally hundreds of dollars on your college textbooks.

We're a search engine for textbooks. That means, by searching our site for your textbooks, you will get better prices on your textbooks than your store. You will get cheap textbooks.

Even if you have accounts with just Amazon or (run by eBay), you can still save hundreds. That's because there are thousands of sellers on these marketplaces just waiting to help save you money. We don't carry out the payments processing - this is done by the bookstores, such as Amazon.

That's money you could use for...well, we will leave that part to your imagination.

In the unlikely event of a delivery issue, you are fully protected by the "quibble free" refund. At we also offer a layer of extra support, with contacts with the bookstores. You can also return a book within 30 days for a full refund (including postage).

Perhaps while you wait the small few days for the delivery, you can think of how you'll spend the savings?

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